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Why Should I Choose Local Over Online?

Choosing a printer can be a difficult task. Many print buyers struggle to decide between an online printer or a local printing company. Both large and small companies are turning to online printing for multiple reasons. They may be unaware that local printers are right here in their community or they may assume that they will save time or money by using an online printer, but that isn’t always the case. There are a number of advantages to using a local printing company like Priority Press - some of which may surprise you.

Customer Service

Customer Service is where print projects begin. Local printers will offer you one main contact to direct all your business printing needs to. Online printers do NOT. Local printers will invest time and money into getting to know your business, your people and your brand. Their experienced staff can help you throughout the process, so you’re sure to find the right solution for your project. Your time is money, so don’t spend precious time on hold with an online printer while they try to find someone who understands what you need. The staff at Priority Press wants to know you and your printing needs. We want to build a lasting partnership with you. We’re just a phone call away.


Quality and Consistency go hand in hand and the lack of either can ruin your project or brand. Why spend so much time, effort, and money on a job if in the end it’s not finished to look exactly the way you envisioned it? It’s extremely important to make sure that your branding and printed products are printed by experts that focus on your project alone - a custom printing project. Most online printers use “gang-run printing”, which means several projects are printed on the same sheet of paper in order to reduce their printing costs. Your project does not get the individual attention that it deserves, causing accuracy and quality to suffer. Very often a job that was intended to be blue turns out purple or a job that was intended to be red turns out pink. This can severely alter your company’s branding. When your identity is at stake, you want consistency and the best quality possible!


If you are buying ANYTHING on price alone, you will always find someone cheaper than the next guy. If you were having surgery, would you trust the cheapest surgeon? If you were buying a car, how much confidence would you have driving away from the dealership in the cheapest car on the lot? Local printers provide more options such as specialty paper, spot and metallic ink colors, varnishes, die cutting, and envelope conversion. Can you really put a price on standing out from your competitors and grabbing the attention of your target market? It is possible to go online and find cheaper prices on simple printing projects, but in really do get what you pay for!


Building a relationship with your local printer can have a lot of benefits. Being able to work with the same person on every print project gives you the confidence that your job will be done right. Also, having all your files archived by your local printer for future reprints can greatly reduce your time spent on re-ordering, not to mention save you money if your files are ever lost or damaged on your end. By working with a local printer you are also supporting local businesses and the people that live within your community. You may be surprised to find out that the customer service representative, pressman or graphic designer that worked on your project could be a fellow member of your health club or church and might just be your neighbor! Some of our closet friends started out as clients. We want to build lasting relationships with you!

The Clear Choice: Local Printers!

We believe once you’ve considered service, quality, relationship, and price, you’ll come to the conclusion that working with your local printer gives you the most VALUE for your dollar. Please talk with us about your next printing project. Priority Press wants to be your local printer!